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Welcome to Dodgy's Lady Like
NFT Collection

10,000 Generated NFTs

Each with unique attributes and properties

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Check out our blog as we answer the following questions.

The goal of our first NFT is to learn with our community.

What is an non-fungible token?

How does it work?

Are they affordable?

How do I start collecting them?


Art Work

Each NFT has been generated from over 400 unique hand drawn layers drawn in Procreate. Then a million dollar computer compiles them all together to create 10,000 unique pieces of art.


The Team

@ ItStartedin82

Founder of Lady Like NFT, Owner of Dodgy Collective LLC, and Illustrator.

Road Map

Each stage of the road map we will a release a how-to of our process and links we used to get there.

  1. Start building a community around Lady Like NFT. Create Website, Twitter, and Discord - Completed 1/11/2022

  2. Build NFT Generator - Completed 3/5/22

  3. Draw Draw Draw (In beat with the BOW BOW BOW TikTok song) Complete drawings for each layer of the NFT.

  4. Compile 10,000 NFTs - Completed 3/15/22

  5. Mint NFTs - Completed 3/17/22

  6. Release first batch of 100 NFTs - Completed 3/18/22

  7. Community Give away

  8. T-shirt release on

  9.  Coming soon.

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